The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda – Meet Zelda a shy princess deeply in love with warrior LinkIn. Sadly, LinKIn is always busy protecting the kingdom and has no time for her princess. It’s even worse our princess doesn’t know if he loves her or not.

It’s our Princess birthday now and there is no sign of her true love. Suddenly she finds a crystal ear rings as birthday present. A big smile came on her face when she notices it’s from LinkIn. At least it’s proved that he has feeling for her.

LinkIn too arrives at that moment to express his feelings. But suddenly, princess disappears. The crystal has magic powers separating personality of a person. It has happened with princess too. Her shyness, anger, intelligence and love have gone in different direction.

LinkIn has new task of finding princess personality traits, combine them to make her visible again. He can use only one weapon in this mission i.e. having sex with princess personalities. Can he do this? Let’s play the game to find out.

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