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Wild Magic

You will pick up a card displayed on table and do whatever it is written in card. Mostly it’s about sex. So, you will fuck Magarita companions in different ways and satisfy your burning desire. Somehow, you will meet a friendly witch, not a bad one.

Kitchen Sex

A stress buster you can say, but it has excellent graphics with some high quality of graphics. Play this game if you are serious about having fun on kitchen. If not kitchen, then it can tell you how fuck on the table.

The Noble Blow

If you are an admirer of beautiful girl’s eyes; then this game is visual treat for you. You can change or make girl eyes more beautiful according to your liking.

Drunken Babe

The game is pretty simple. A hot woman is drunk and you have to juggle her boobs to make her steady. If you are a boob lover, then this game is sure shot for you, only thing is that you have to be really fast on your mouse.

Empress Claudia

You are the demon here. You have been provided with options to choose your favorite sex position such as cock sucking, missionary style, fondling tits, cumming in mouth etc. You can also increase/decrease your fucking speed too.


See how a group of senior students turns a simple girl from village into a total slut. You can undress a player, fondle both girl tits, lick their pussy, fill them with French kisses, go for anal fucking and finally give her a top class blowjob.

Gwen Show

Ben and Gwen are alone in the empty room. Gwen is sleeping and Ben can’t stop looking at her nice butt. Finally he starts to caress that ass and their porn games can begin.