Shoot Jack 3Some

You are playing black Jack against a hot blonde and brunette. Cards will fall from deck. If you see a card moving to opponent direction prominent for black jack, you can shoot it down.

Bunny Ears

Finnish celebrate New Year in a style i.e. tear of the bunny’s ear. You are going to do exactly same; don’t worry; it’s not real rabbit, but a hot blonde.

Wild Magic

You will pick up a card displayed on table and do whatever it is written in card. Mostly it’s about sex. So, you will fuck Magarita companions in different ways and satisfy your burning desire. Somehow, you will meet a friendly witch, not a bad one.

Hot Concave Billiard

You need to make dimple such that balls collide with each other and reach their final destination i.e. pocket.
You must put 5 balls in the pocket to reach the next level. As a price, you would be rewarded with a hot strip show of a busty blonde that will leave you mesmerized.